Managed Services & Support

Splunk is a powerful platform for Operational Intelligence that transcends the traditional point tool. Yet, employing the full potential of this leading technology can be overwhelming. Allocating resources, finding talent, and prioritizing use cases can be challenging. Now, envision an operational environment where your Splunk team has the horsepower to achieve a stable, fine tuned platform while maintaining the bandwidth to manage core responsibilities.

Kinney Group offers two types of Managed Services: Virtual Administration (VA) and Management-as-a-Service (MaaS) to transform business and mission potential. We can serve as an extension of your team, as advisors on technical challenges, or assist with complete ownership of your platform. To augment our managed services, Kinney Group also offers discrete Support Services: Health ChecksUpgrade Management, and Education.

Splunk services & support are not an afterthought for Kinney Group, but rather they are our first consideration to help your organization extract value from the Splunk investment. As a trusted advisor, we help you prioritize use cases with the highest time-to-value to achieve business and mission goals.


Kinney Group’s Splunk Virtual Admin is the smartest Splunk assistance and admin support program available. With real human beings on the other end, we uniquely address your technical and business needs. The subscription-based service allows you to purchase a set number of hours per month to utilize as needed. This consolidated support team reduces overhead costs, augments your team’s capabilities, and adds value.


Getting your Splunk platform installed, implemented, and humming in an optimal state requires more than just IT expertise; it requires talent with deep Splunk experience. Our platform management team provides set-up/migration, turnkey operation, and governance for multiple environments (Splunk Cloud, On-Premise, or Hosted). After a defined engagement and on-boarding process, Kinney Group incorporates a tiered delivery model. The result: we efficiently assign the right skill level at the right time, thus delivering exceptionally high quality work at the best cost-benefit value in the industry. Our MaaS offering increases efficiency, boosts service levels, reduces costs and unlocks the business value in your platform.