Next Generation Data Centers

We design and build secure private clouds.

Cloud computing frameworks have emerged as strategic assets to organizations because they bring agility and cost effectiveness to scale. Yet, you may not be able to put your sensitive data on public cloud offerings. At Kinney Group, we have proven that the response to this challenge is building private clouds. Our capabilities utilize organizations’ existing data center and infrastructure investments.

Our designs are based on the VMware private cloud software framework. Our capabilities are as much about people and process as they are about hardware and software. Leverage our experienced engineers and our private cloud reference design to quickly, and securely, get cloud computing capabilities running within your own data centers.

We are network virtualization specialists.

Kinney Group believes in the software defined data center, and we are certified in the VMware NSX platform to virtualize your network. We have experience implementing NSX in mission critical environments. By utilizing NSX solutions from Kinney Group, organizations can achieve new levels of network security and agility not achievable through traditional hardware-based approaches.

We have proven success with critical virtual desktop infrastructure projects.

The next-gen data center supports human beings, with different workloads, around the clock. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the contemporary way to cost-effectively optimize and secure desktop computing. Kinney Group ensures success by proper VDI configuration from the beginning to provide the security and end-user experience that organizations require for desktops.

The industry is littered with countless VDI implementations that have failed to meet demands of the production environment. Ignore the naysayers: our VDI reference designs are proven in the most demanding environments. We leverage optimized hardware architectures in combination with the power of VMware Horizon View software.

We scale your mission critical data center with a button click.

Kinney Group leverages the VMware vRealize platform for orchestration, and other platforms like Puppet and SaltStack. We automate all of your critical capabilities: private cloud, VDI, and network virtualization solutions. This way, you scale your next-gen data center quickly, consistently, and securely.

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